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About Saasfly

Nextify Limited’s team of experienced developers has invested years into refining our software development methodologies. We’re proud to present our starter kit, a culmination of best practices and proven tools extracted from countless successful projects.

This extensively tested kit is more than just code, it’s a cornerstone of our daily operations, consistently helping us deliver exceptional results for our clients.

While informed by our unique experiences, the kit’s solutions are meticulously chosen to address common challenges and fit a wide range of scenarios. We believe it offers a streamlined and efficient framework for building SaaS products, empowering you to achieve your project goals.

🚀 Motivation

Streamline Your SaaS Development with Nextify’s Starter Kit.

At Nextify, we’ve spent years refining our methods to create exceptional web applications. Our starter kit embodies this expertise, empowering both our team and clients to build high-quality SaaS services faster and easier.

Boost Your Efficiency AND Hit the ground running:

  • Kickstart projects with a pre-built, standards-compliant codebase, reducing setup time and effort.
  • Focus on innovation: Spend less time on boilerplate code and more time on unique features and business logic.
  • Seamless teamwork: Ensure code consistency across projects, facilitating knowledge sharing and smoother handoffs.
  • Built to scale: Our architecture enables easy maintenance and expansion as your needs evolve.

The result? Faster development cycles, lower costs, and superior applications delivered to your clients.

♥️ Philosophy

When creating this starter kit, we had several guiding principles in mind:

  • 1️⃣ Our objective was to deliver a starter kit that is primed for real-world application, offering a robust framework for developing production-level applications.
  • 2️⃣ We dedicated ourselves to crafting a starter that not only improves the developer experience but also bolsters productivity.
  • 3️⃣ Our goal was to streamline the codebase and minimize dependencies, ensuring a lightweight and efficient development process.
  • 4️⃣ We carefully selected only those third-party libraries that are consistently maintained and trusted, ensuring our projects have a stable and supported foundation.

⭐⭐⭐ Features

🐭 Frameworks

  • Next.js - Fast by default, with config optimized for performance (with App Directory)
  • NextAuth.js - Authentication for Next.js
  • Kysely - The type-safe SQL query builder for TypeScript
  • Prisma - Next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript, use it as schema management tool
  • React-email - A React renderer for creating beautiful emails using React components
  • Drizzle - A modern, lightweight, and performant React state management library (comming soon)
  • lucia-auth.js - Authentication, simple and clean (comming soon)

🐮 Platforms

  • Vercel – Deploy your Next.js app with ease
  • Stripe – Payment processing for internet businesses
  • Resend – Email marketing platform for developers
  • Lemonsqueezy – Payments, tax & subscriptions for software companies (in paid plan)
  • – Global edge network for deploying and running your app (in paid plan)
  • AWS – Cloud services that help you build and manage your business (in paid plan)
  • Cloudflare – Web performance and security (in paid plan)
  • DevContainer – Develop in a containerized environment (in paid plan)

🐯 Enterprise

  • i18n - Support Internationalization
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • MonoRepo - Monorepo for better code management
  • T3 Env - Manage your environment variables with ease
  • BAAS - Backend as a service (in paid plan)
  • K8S - Deploy your app on Kubernetes (in paid plan)
  • DevOps - Automate your development and deployment process (in paid plan)

🐰 Data Fetching

  • tRPC – End-to-end typesafe APIs made easy
  • TanStack – Headless, type-safe, & powerful utilities for State Management, Routing, Data Visualization, Charts, Tables, and more.

🐲 Global State Management

  • Zustand – Small, fast and scaleable state management for React

🐒 UI

  • Tailwind CSS – Utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development
  • Shadcn/ui – Reusable components built using Radix UI and Tailwind CSS
  • Framer Motion – Motion library for React to animate components with ease
  • Lucide – Beautifully simple, pixel-perfect icons
  • next/font – Optimize custom fonts and remove external network requests for improved performance
  • tamagui – A collection of accessible, reusable, and composable React components (in paid plan)

🐴 Code Quality

  • TypeScript – Static type checker for end-to-end typesafety
  • Prettier – Opinionated code formatter for consistent code style
  • ESLint – Pluggable linter for Next.js and TypeScript
  • Husky – Git hooks made easy
  • Biome One toolchain for your web project (in paid plan)

🐑 Performance

  • Vercel Analytics – Real-time performance metrics for your Next.js app
  • million.js – Make React 70% faster
  • – npm alternative for faster and more reliable package management
  • Posthog – Product analytics for developers

🐒 Database

  • PostgreSQL – The world’s most advanced open source database
  • Mysql – The world’s most popular open source database (comming soon)
  • Sqlite – A C-language library that implements a small, fast, self-contained, high-reliability, full-featured, SQL database engine (in paid plan)

🤔 Why Next.js?

Next.js is a powerful and versatile framework that offers a wide range of benefits for building web applications. It is known for its excellent performance, strong developer experience, and comprehensive feature set.

😯 Is this starter for you?

If you’re embarking on the development of a SaaS service and are in search of a solid foundation, meticulously crafted architecture, and an enriching developer experience, then this starter kit stands as a prime resource to consider. It encompasses a holistic collection of best practices and tools, each thoroughly vetted and demonstrated to be effective across numerous projects.

Even if you’re uncertain about whether a starter kit fits your project’s needs, this resource still holds significant value. By delving into the starter kit, you have the opportunity to garner inspiration from its array of solutions to common challenges encountered by developers. This exploration can serve as a pathway to identifying commendable practices and devising robust solutions tailored to your specific development process.

In summary, whether you opt to leverage this starter kit in its entirety or merely extract certain ideas from it, we are confident it provides indispensable insights and tools for anyone aiming to create a high-caliber SaaS service.

🧑‍💻 Stay up to date

We are committed to continually improving our starter kit and providing the best possible resources for building saas service. To that end, we regularly add new features and fix any bugs that are discovered.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in our starter kit, you can either watch the repository or hit the “star” button. This will allow you to receive notifications whenever new updates are available.

We value the feedback and contributions of our users, and we encourage you to let us know if you have any suggestions for improving our starter kit. We are always looking for ways to make it even more effective and useful for our community. So, please do not hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with us.

💎 Libraries used


This starter kit is actively maintained by the Saasfly team, and we warmly invite new contributors to join our efforts in enhancing it. If you’re interested in participating in the project, we encourage you to open an issue or submit a pull request without hesitation.

Beyond maintaining this starter kit, our team is also equipped to undertake custom projects and assist in bringing your vision to life. If you’re in search of skilled and dependable developers to realize your dream service, we invite you to visit our website at to connect with us. We’re eager to discuss your project more comprehensively and explore avenues through which we can contribute to achieving your objectives.