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Eco-friendly Docs

Estimates for the climate impact of the web industry range from between 2% and 4% of global carbon emissions, roughly equivalent to the emissions of the airline industry. There are many complex factors in calculating the ecological impact of a website, but this guide includes a few tips for reducing the environmental footprint of your docs site.

According to the Website Carbon Calculator, Starlight is cleaner than 99% of web pages tested, producing 0.01g of CO₂ per page visit.


Curious how other docs frameworks compare? These tests with the Website Carbon Calculator compare similar pages built with different tools.

FrameworkCO₂ per page visit
Read the Docs0.24g

Power Consumption

How a web page is built can impact the power it takes to run on a user’s device. By using minimal JavaScript, Starlight reduces the amount of processing power a user’s phone, tablet, or computer needs to load and render pages.

Be mindful when adding features like analytics tracking scripts or JavaScript-heavy content like video embeds as these can increase the page power usage. If you need analytics, consider choosing a lightweight option like Cabin, Fathom, or Plausible. Embeds like YouTube and Vimeo videos can be improved by waiting to load the video on user interaction. Packages like astro-embed can help for common services.