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Welcome to Saasfly

Your complete All-in-One solution for building SaaS services. From coding to product launch, we have everything you need covered!

Free and Open Source

Saasfly is completely free to use and is open source, licensed under the MIT License.

Enterprises Ready

We offer enterprise support and consulting services to help you get the most out of Saasfly.

Start A New Project

Terminal window
# create a new project with bun
bun create saasfly

Our installation guide has step-by-step instructions for installing Saasfly using our CLI wizard, and for installing Saasfly manually.

Community Friendly

We have a friendly and active community of developers and users who are ready to help you.

Fully Documented

We have a comprehensive documentation to help you get started with Saasfly.


Join our community to get help, share your projects, and even contribute to the project!