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Bun is an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps. It ships as a single executable called bun.

Bun ships as a single executable that can be installed a few different ways.


macOS and Linux

Terminal window
curl -fsSL | bash # for macOS, Linux, and WSL
# to install a specific version
curl -fsSL | bash -s "bun-v1.0.0"


Bun requires a minimum of Windows 10 version 1809

Bun provides a limited, experimental native build for Windows. It is recommended to use Bun within Windows Subsystem for Linux and follow the above instructions. To help catch bugs, the experimental build enables many debugging assertions, which will make the binary slower than what the stable version will be.

To install, paste this into a terminal:

Terminal window
# WARNING: No stability is guaranteed on the experimental Windows builds
powershell -c "irm|iex"

Checking Installation

To check that Bun was installed successfully, open a new terminal window and run bun --version.

$ bun --version

To see the precise commit of oven-sh/bun that you’re using, run bun --revision.

$ bun --revision

If you’ve installed Bun but are seeing a command not found error, you may have to manually add the installation directory (~/.bun/bin) to your PATH.


Once installed, the binary can upgrade itself.

Terminal window
bun upgrade
Homebrew users — To avoid conflicts with Homebrew, use brew upgrade bun instead.
proto users - Use proto install bun --pin instead.

Bun automatically releases an (untested) canary build on every commit to main. To upgrade to the latest canary build:

Terminal window
bun upgrade --canary

View canary build


If you need to remove Bun from your system, use the following commands.

Terminal window
rm -rf ~/.bun # for macOS, Linux, and WSL